Compact Product Suite

Compact Product Suite

AC500 PLC of choice

Member of the Essential Controller Suite, AC500 is the controller of choice when scalability, flexibility, performance, integration and communication are mandatory

Recording and Control

Product range brochure

Read more about the ScreenMaster, ControlMaster and Commander range of recording and control instrumentation from ABB

Essential Automation Safety Suite

Independent High Integrity (HI) Safety System is now available

TÜV certified stand alone safety system for use with any ABB or 3rd party control system, PLC or operator interface.

Compact HMI

A new brochure and website for Compact HM

A fresh new look and updated information with instant access to features and functionalities of Compact HMI

The Compact Product Suite is a comprehensive group of control products for System Integrators, OEMs and customers who like to engineer their own solution that meets their specific automation needs. These products can be used in combination to achieve optimal performance and maximum benefits. Alternatively, they can be used as stand-alone to complement an existing or customized solution.

A flexibility of choice with the following offerings (click the product name to learn more):

Essential ControllerEssential Connect Essential HSIEssential RecorderEssential Safety
AC 800M and
Compact Control Builder M
S700      S800Compact HMI ScreenMaster Paperless Recorder (SM500F, SM1000, RVG200 and SM3000)Independent High Integrity
AC 700F and Control Builder F      AC500 PLCS800L      S900      S500Panel 800Commander Circular Chart Recorder Series (CI300, CI900-R, CI900-RC, CI901, CI950 and CI960)
ControlMaster Panel-Mount Controller SeriesFieldbusesControlMaster Panel-Mount Indicator (CM15)Strip Chart Recorders

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